14 Dangerous Milwaukee Intersections Drivers Should Know About in 2023

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on May 24, 2023 in Car Accidents
Updated on April 24, 2024

Stop sign in front of a vehicleMilwaukee has a long history of being a dangerous city to drive through. With this in mind, it may not surprise you that the 14 deadliest intersections in Wisconsin are all in Milwaukee.

A most recent round of serious traffic accidents resulted in the death of six victims, including a one-year-old toddler. Another six people were hospitalized with injuries.

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What Are the Most Deadly Milwaukee Intersections in 2023?

The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) reported a grand total of 16,349 crashes from May 31, 2021, to May 31, 2022. A large number of crashes happen on West Fond du Lac Avenue. This is because Fond du Lac Avenue, which is a state highway, runs diagonally and northwest through the city. Multiple high-crash areas and dangerous three-way intersections exist along that road.

Wisconsin’s 14 most dangerous intersections are listed below.

1.   W Capitol Drive and W Fond Du Lac Avenue

Without a doubt, these roads create one of the most dangerous intersections in Milwaukee. The MPD reported a total of 43 crashes at West Fond du Lac Avenue and West Capitol Drive, which includes 12 hit-and-run incidents.

In this same area, where West Capitol Drive, West Fond du Lac and 51st Boulevard intersect, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that there have been at least 81 collisions over the past year.

2.   N 27th Street and W Center Street

During the MPD’s reporting period, N 27th Street and W Center Street saw 43 collisions, including 18 hit-and-run incidents.

3.   N 35th Street and West Capitol Drive

A reported 41 traffic accidents, including 18 hit-and-runs, happened at N 35th and West Capitol Drive last year.

4.   N 27th Street and W Fond du Lac Avenue

This intersection made the “deadliest crash” list in 2023 due to a reported 40 crashes, which includes 16 hit-and-run incidents.

5.   N 51st Boulevard and W Capitol Drive

Ranked as one of the top five most dangerous intersections in Milwaukee, N 27th Street and W Fond du Lac Avenue had a reported 38 collisions, which included 10 hit-and-runs.

6.   W Center Street and W Fond du Lac Avenue

Yet another of the worst intersections due to the number of crashes, seeing 38 collisions, including 14 hit-and-runs, during the reporting period.

7.    W Burleigh Street and W Fond du Lac Avenue

Also on the MPD list of Milwaukee’s 14 most dangerous intersections, W Burleigh Street and W Fond du Lac Avenue had 37 crashes during the year, which included 16 hit-and-runs.

8.   N 35th Street and W Burleigh Street

This intersection saw a reported 36 traffic accidents, including 14 hit-and-run incidents.

9.   N 35th Street and W Fond du Lac Avenue

During the MPD reporting period, this intersection saw 34 crashes, which included 12 hit-and-run incidents. Police District 7, also along Fond du Lac Avenue, is not far from this intersection.

10. N 27th Street and N Teutonia Avenue and W Hampton Avenue

This high-crash intersection saw 34 intersections, which included 15 hit-and-runs.

11. N 60th Street and W Silver Spring Drive

Another deadly intersection on this list, with a reported 32 crashes. These collisions included 14 hit-and-runs.

12. N 60th Street and W Capitol Drive

There were 32 crashes, which included 12 hit-and-run incidents and 2 fatalities.

13. N Sherman Boulevard and W Capitol Drive

At this intersection, there were a total of 32 crashes, including 14 hit-and-run incidents.

14. S Cesar E Chavez Drive and S Muskego Avenue and W Greenfield Avenue

S Cesar E Chavez Drive and S Muskego Avenue and W Greenfield Avenue rounds out the list of most dangerous intersections in 2023, with 32 crashes and 14 hit-and-runs.

What Tips Can Help You Avoid Being Injured in a Crash in an Intersection?

Everyone traveling through an intersection owes a duty of care to avoid causing harm to others. To avoid causing a crash or being injured in one, these are some tips to keep in mind. Drivers have a greater responsibility for maintaining road safety. They have more protection in a vehicle than pedestrians, cyclists or even motorcycle riders.

Driver safety tips in intersections include:

Obey traffic signals and signs: Running a red light could cause harm to a pedestrian or result in a serious car crash.

Yield the right of way: Even if you legally have the right of way, drivers are required by law to yield if another vehicle or pedestrian is already in the intersection.

Avoid all driving distractions: Trying to text, deal with children in the backseat or do anything that takes your eyes off the road and your mind off driving is a bad idea. If a collision occurs, you could be held fully liable for any damages that result.

Be alert for any vulnerable road users: Vulnerable road users include cyclists, pedestrians, people riding on a scooter, and those in wheelchairs or using other mobility devices that may slow them down.

Watch out for bike lanes: Be especially watchful for cyclists coming up in your blind spot, whether or not there is a bike lane. Before turning, check and check again to make sure the path is clear.

Follow at an appropriate distance: Drivers should avoid following too closely. Not only is this illegal and considered aggressive driving behavior, but it could also result in a dangerous crash. Be mindful, too, that the distance required may be greater in bad weather.

Maintain your vehicle: It is easy to forget that something as basic as failed brakes or a tire blowout could be the difference between avoiding a crash or operating your vehicle safely. If you fail to maintain your vehicle and that lack of service contributes to a crash, you will likely be liable for the damages.

Use your turn signal: This is one of the easiest ways to prevent a crash and yet so many drivers fail to signal properly. Even if you are in a left-turn lane, you should always signal. Left-turn crashes can cause catastrophic injuries. Additionally, the drivers, cyclists and other traffic approaching from the other direction may not realize you intend to turn.

Do not engage in illegal or last-minute turns: For instance, drivers should not cut across two lanes to turn right. Traffic in those lanes will not be expecting it and you could get T-boned as a result.

Allow ample time to turn: Dashing into a turn lane at the last second, especially when not using a signal, is another surefire way to increase the risk of a crash.

Do not block “the box”: If traffic is backed up, you should wait to enter an intersection until it is clear again.

Watch for brake lights: Keep an eye on the vehicle in front of you, always being prepared to stop. Remember that in most rear-end collisions, the trailing vehicle is typically liable for the damages.

Can Pedestrians Be Responsible for Causing a Crash?

It is important to note that pedestrians can be held liable if their actions lead to a crash that causes harm and results in damages. Pedestrians, cyclists and all other vulnerable road users owe a duty to maintain road safety.

This includes:

Ensuring you can be seen: Wearing clothing or reflective items that make you more visible to drivers in bad weather or low light helps keep you safer.

Check for traffic even when you have the right of way: No matter who has the right of way, you should always check for traffic before stepping into the road. Distracted drivers are only one danger to pedestrians. You also have to watch for reckless or drunk drivers. Relying on a driver to see you and stop can leave you more vulnerable to being hit by a car.

Do not text and walk: Walking or not, texting around traffic is distracting. It could keep you from seeing a bicycle rider, or worse still, a car that has no intention of stopping.

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