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What Do We Mean by ‘No Upfront Fees’?

The personal injury lawyers at PKSD are not paid unless they win your case and recover compensation for your damages. You pay no costs up front, which includes paying nothing to meet with an attorney for an initial consultation. If you choose to hire our firm, there will be no upfront fees as we work on your case.

If we negotiate a settlement or win your case at trial, we charge our clients a percentage of their compensation award to cover our fees. The percentage may vary by the type of case.

How do Contingency Fees Benefit Injury Victims?

Hiring a lawyer on contingency helps level the playing field. Injury victims do not have to pay up front to take on insurance companies and large corporations with deep pockets. Having to pay up front would prevent many people from filing a claim in the first place.

The contingency fee system helps prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of customers simply because they have no other option than to accept the terms they deem fair.

What Do We Discuss in a Free Initial Consultation?

Your free consultation is a chance to learn more about how we may be able to assist you. We can learn more about your case and you can ask questions.

The initial consultation is also when we discuss fees for managing your case in detail, so you are clear on how we are paid for helping you.

What Happens When Your Case is Concluded?

Your claim can only be resolved with your approval. We will go over the breakdown of the final offer and what it means financially for you, and then you must consent to the settlement.

We know injury victims often have medical bills and possibly liens for their medical expenses. We are prepared to help you resolve these issues.

How do Other Law Firms Obtain Payment for Their Services?

Other firms may require payment up front, which means they will not begin working on your case until you have paid a retainer fee. This fee could be thousands of dollars.

These firms likely charge hourly fees as well. That means clients likely pay hundreds of dollars an hour for the lawyer to work on their case.

This type of fee arrangement can lock many people out of the legal process, as they simply do not have the money to pay a lawyer up front.

Need Help? Call PKSD Today

Contact PKSD today to discuss our fees and whether you may have a viable case. Call us toll-free at  414-333-3333 . You can also fill out the Free Case Evaluation form or do a live chat with a representative.

With more than 150 years of combined legal experience helping injury victims throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and New Mexico, our personal injury lawyers are here to help fight for justice.

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