GM Ignition Switch Compensation Fund Comes to a Close Amid Controversy

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on July 22, 2015 in Product Recalls
Updated on April 25, 2024

Milwaukee GM ignition switch lawyersAs the compensation fund set up by General Motors (GM) to compensate victims of its faulty ignition switch is set to conclude at the end of this month, all 4,342 claims it received have been processed.

So far, 124 deaths and 266 injuries have been approved and confirmed by the fund as a direct result of the defective switch that would turn off unexpectedly, disabling important safety features.

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Of the total number of claims received, 80 percent were denied eligibility. An additional 453 were identified as deficient 24 of which claim a death resulted from the defect.

The fund was set aside by GM last year to accommodate the victims of a faulty ignition switch that, after much scrutiny, resulted in a recall of 2.59 million vehicles. A criminal investigation revealed that the company concealed the defect for more than a decade.

However, GM also issued another recall of 10 million vehicles for a strikingly similar ignition switch defect. Unfortunately for the countless victims of this defect, which GM identified as separate from the original 2.59 million vehicles, there is no opportunity to receive compensation from the fund.

GM claims that because it recalled the product quickly after identifying it and did not try to hide it from the public, the problem does not qualify for compensation.

Despite urging from Congressional leaders, GM refused to consider including these additional 10 million vehicles in the compensation fund.

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