Planning a Holiday Party? Minimize Your Liability!

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on December 2, 2014 in Personal Injury
Updated on February 24, 2022

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Holiday parties abound during the final weeks of the calendar year, and most everybody loves to relax and celebrate with friends and family. Whether its a company party or a gathering of relatives, hosting a seasonal fête comes with its stresses. Unfortunately, the worry of avoiding liability if things get out of hand is one of them.

No one wants to consider it, but if you throw a party and even a handful of guests overdrink, those individuals could get out of control and harass other guests or leave the party and cause a traffic accident. In what case would you be liable for the bad decisions of your guests?

While each scenario would be different, its much easier to avoid a lawsuit than to fight one. There are a few precautions you can take to protect yourself from liability in these cases.

Firstly, the main catalyst for conflict at any adult social gather is usually alcohol. As the party is gearing up it is easy to lose track of who drank what and how much of it, but as the night wears on it can become crucial to have these facts. Limiting alcohol consumption among guests and instructing servers not to serve minors or those who are clearly intoxicated can be helpful in reducing your liability.

For instance, if you are the host of a company holiday party, utilizing drink tickets and only providing a maximum of two or three per guest can easily prevent any party-goers from over-indulging. It is also a simple way to reduce the likelihood a guest will be involved in an alcohol-related accident once they leave the gathering. If an auto accident still happens, your liability could be greatly reduced due to the fact that you took precautionary measures to prevent such an occurrence. A few simple actions could help prove that you were simply a social host and should not be held responsible for the guests accident.

Another scenario that can devolve into a slippery legal situation involves guests behavior at the party. All too often, too many glasses of wine for one attendant can prompt unwanted advances toward another, and its a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Experts say that inviting spouses or the entire family to the party, depending on the event, can mitigate these circumstances considerably. People tend to behave better in the presence of their partner and, again limiting alcohol may be another key to keeping guests in line.

Of course, as a host, its too difficult a task to keep an eye on every person in your home or at the event you have planned. However, keeping in mind that accidents can happen, its important to do everything you can this holiday season to reduce the risk you face. Should you become a victim in a dispute and suffer an injury in the altercation, you may like to consider contacting a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer for some legal advice.

Hosting a party takes time and effort don’t let a good time turn sour by overlooking a few precautions!

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