Iowa Nurse Surrenders License After Being Charged With 15-Year Prostitution Scheme

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on July 18, 2023 in Personal Injury
Updated on July 19, 2023

stock image of man being handcuffedCarl Markley, a 44-year-old registered nurse practitioner in Ames, Iowa, has surrendered his license after multiple criminal charges were brought against him. The charges against Markley include four counts each of prostitution and pimping. He has also been charged with human trafficking and sexual exploitation of a minor.

Markley’s alleged criminal activities are extensive. Investigators have documents from as far back as 2008 and spanning a period of 15 years. During that time, Markley was actively engaged in commercial sexual activities where he recruited and paid people to participate in sex acts under the guise of research.

Investigation Launched Into Criminal Complaints

A report shows that Ames police first spoke to Markley on March 9, during which he acknowledged engaging in activities that were both unofficial and non-medical. However, the search warrant affidavit shows that at the time, he denied having any physical contact with the “study” participants. He also denied recording any of the “research” sessions.

When police initially arrested Markley, they charged him with the sexual exploitation of a minor. However, amid the ongoing investigation, police received 27 new tips which revealed more victims and other criminal activities.

Pornographic Videos

Police searched Markley’s residence and found hidden cameras in a pen and clock. They also found what police have described as “commercial” pornographic videos. These videos showed doctor models and patient models engaging in sexual acts in a clinical setting.

Exploitation of a Minor

After getting a warrant, police searched Markley’s residence and place of business. During this search, they found an image of a teenage boy’s genitals. Police also did a search of Markley’s computer and identified a history that included tween porn sites.

Multiple other images were taken of individuals, allegedly without their knowledge, from Markley’s clinic.

Paying Others for Sex

Markley also allegedly paid individuals for sex while at the AmericInn hotel in Ames. He engaged in sex with patients, causing them to suffer physical injuries.

Text messages found on Markley’s phone revealed he also met up with individuals at an apartment building he owned. These “meetups” were sex-related and took place inside a storage closet at the apartment building.

Currently, police have interviewed over 10 people and say they do not know how many more victims their investigation might reveal.

Markley Also Faces Civil Lawsuit

A couple victimized by one of Markley’s fake research studies is bringing a civil lawsuit against the former Ames nurse practitioner. The victims, a couple, were paid $400 to participate in what was labeled a couples intimacy study. According to the lawsuit, however, Markley videoed the couple without their knowledge or consent. The victims were only made aware of the abuse when police showed them the recordings.

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