Residents’ Rights Month 2023 and Handling Nursing Home Issues

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on October 23, 2023 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights
Updated on April 24, 2024

Residents' Rights Month 2023 - Amplify Our VoicesOctober 2023 is Residents’ Rights Month, something that is very important to the legal team at PKSD where we are deeply dedicated to advocating for the elderly in nursing homes.

What Is Residents’ Rights Month and Why Is it Important?

Each year, Consumer Voice honors residents and the elderly everywhere, whether they are living in long-term care facilities, smaller community homes or receiving care at home.

This year’s theme for Residents’ Rights Month is Amplify Our Voices. Among the many rights owed to residents, they have a right to be heard. Residents have a right to express their choices and make their own decisions. They also have a right to seek help if they are having issues in their nursing homes.

This year, PKSD would like to share an article from The Resident Advocate, a newsletter covering issues that are relevant to long-term care residents.

Each issue includes current news and updated information that can be helpful, both to the residents and their families. Other important issues include details about current care issues, any policy updates occurring nationwide and reminders about residents’ rights.

What Can You Do if You Have Issues in Your Long-Term Care Facility

Here are a few of the useful tips you will find in this month’s issue of The Resident Advocate newsletter for resolving issues in your nursing home:

  • Speak directly with trusted nursing home staff or your facility’s administrators
  • Schedule a special meeting to discuss the issue and bring a family member if you feel it is necessary
  • Follow the proper complaint procedure at your facility

If these steps are unsuccessful in resolving your issue, there are further steps defined in the newsletter. When an issue becomes a serious violation of your legal or personal rights, it may be necessary to take further steps, such as seeking legal help, to protect yourself.

What Kinds of Issues Could Residents Experience in a Nursing Home?

Outside of serious issues, like nursing home neglect or abuse, there are many problems residents may have to deal with at their nursing home.

For starters, residents being forced to share a room with another resident may be unhappy with the company. For instance, if that other resident is a bully, unreasonably loud or simply consistently unpleasant.

Other issues residents may be unhappy with in their nursing home could include:

  • Too few opportunities to socialize or go out
  • Poor food quality or not being given a choice of what to eat
  • Being excluded from choosing personal items for their room
  • Unnecessary interruptions when they are sleeping
  • Restrictions on how often they can see family
  • No say in daily medical care

Residents May Not Always Be Able To Communicate

Due to medical conditions or mental health issues, some residents may be unable to speak for themselves. They may have difficulties communicating when something is going wrong. If your loved one is living in a nursing home and is unable to communicate, it can be harder to know when something is not right. However, there are signs to look for if you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect.

Call PKSD When You Need an Advocate for Your Loved One in a Nursing Home

At PKSD, we have been advocating for nursing home residents harmed by the negligent or abusive acts of others for decades. We have a strong and successful history of results. These results include a $2 million settlement for the victim of nursing home understaffing and a $1.5 million settlement for a victim injured as the result of a medication error.

Our nursing home abuse attorneys in Wisconsin have the resources and staff to fully investigate potential cases of nursing home abuse or neglect. We are here to help and are deeply dedicated to holding nursing home facilities and their staff accountable for any negligent or abusive acts.

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If you choose our firm to represent you, there are no upfront costs or fees to pay. You can also expect that a knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced attorney will be handling your case. Our attorneys strive to settle each case for the maximum possible compensation, but we are always prepared to go to court if it becomes necessary.

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