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Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on October 13, 2015 in Personal Injury
Updated on April 25, 2024

slip and fall frequently asked questionsSlip and fall accidents can lead to simple injuries like bumps and bruises, but they can also lead to more serious injuries like concussions, broken bones and spinal cord damage. More serious injuries can lead to mounting medical bills and questions as to what you should do next.

Below are a few common slip and fall questions that you may have:

Where do slip and fall accidents happen?

When it comes to slip and falls, they can happen to anyone, anywhere. You may be at a playground with your child when she slips and falls, at work, going down the stairs at your rental home or visiting a friends house.

While many people feel responsible when they slip and fall, the reality is that businesses, landlords and homeowners are responsible for keeping their properties in good repair all of the time. The legal term for this is premises liability. If a property owner fails to uphold this obligation, you have legal options.

What can cause slip and fall accidents?

Several factors can lead to a trip and fall. Things such as spilled foods, unmarked mopped floors, broken handrails, snow and ice, pavement defects, holes and even torn carpeting or floor rugs can cause slip and fall accidents.

What should I do if I slip and fall?

There are certain steps you should take immediately following a slip and fall. Here are some tips:

  • Seek medical attention right away
  • Report the accident, ask that an incident report be filed and obtain a copy of the documented incident.
  • Stay calm and focus on medical help.
  • Take photos of the exact location of where you fell
  • Collect witness names and phone numbers.
  • Put the clothing and shoes you were wearing during the fall in a safe place in case they are needed later for your case
  • Call an attorney

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