Takata Changes Propellant Used in Airbags, Anonymous Official Says

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on November 13, 2014 in Product Recalls
Updated on April 25, 2024

takata airbag recall lawyerAn anonymous official from Japanese auto parts supplier Takata Corporation told Reuters yesterday that the company has changed the chemical mixture used in its airbags, including some that had previously been recalled.

Takatas recipe for the propellant combination implicated in the recall of millions of vehicles fitted with the affected airbags has not been changed due to an admission of defect, the company notes. Rather, the change comes as part of its kaizen process of continual improvement.

According to the source, Takata used its new propellant mixture to replace the earlier chemicals found in the airbags of the recalled vehicles. However, the company would not say when the change was made, in which models, or how many models the change occurred in. The source also said that ammonium nitrate would still be part of the new mixture, though failed to disclose the entire list of compounds used.

There has not been any finding that ammonium nitrate or the earlier composition was somehow flawed, the official said.

The recall of over 10 million cars fitted with defective and explosive Takata airbags has affected nearly one dozen automakers and is linked to approximately 100 injuries. Honda also announced yesterday that it has become aware of a fifth death linked to the devices in its vehicles.

Further investigation into the emerging scandal reveals that Takata may have been involved in a decade-long cover up over the safety of its airbags, even allegedly conducting secret tests on as many as 50 discarded airbags retrieved from local scrapyards.

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