Why Car Crash Settlement Calculators Are Not Reliable

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on February 28, 2022 in Car Accidents
Updated on April 24, 2024

online car crash settlement calculator Accident victims have a lot to think about while trying to recover from a car crash. In addition to juggling doctor’s appointments, they have to deal with medical costs. Many victims may start to wonder how to pay these bills and what their claim is actually worth. Victims searching the web for answers may end up using one of the many online car crash settlement calculators. Although free, these tools are a bad idea.

At PKSD, our Milwaukee car crash attorneys have extensive experience calculating the value of injury claims. Learn why online calculators are unreliable and how attorneys provide a more accurate estimate.

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How Do Online Car Crash Settlement Calculators Work?

There are a lot of sites offering online car crash settlement calculators. Some are better than others, but they all work a little differently. No matter which one you use, the data you are asked to enter will likely include some of the following:

    • Total medical costs related to the car crash
    • Vehicle and other property damages
    • Wages lost while you were recovering
    • Estimated future medical costs

In addition to being unreliable, car crash settlement calculations do not carry any authority. This means that you cannot take it to the insurance company as proof of your claim’s value.

What an Online Car Crash Calculator Cannot Do

Despite including relevant damages, an online calculator cannot give you an accurate value of your claim. In fact, the estimates they crank out are barely a starting point. Part of the problem is these calculators cannot handle the unique elements of a case that may greatly affect its value.

Say, for example, that you are asked to input details about your car – typically, the make, model and age. The calculation you get is based solely on your vehicle’s current value and the damages sustained. However, an attorney knows to include other factors, such as depreciation, mileage, general condition, and more.

The human aspects of a car crash are also unique and impact the value of a claim in different ways. For example, a professional athlete who loses an arm cannot return to his or her career. This loss can have a significant effect on that athlete’s future earning capacity. However, a teacher who loses an arm – though no less traumatic – may still be able to do his or her former job. These are not factors you can enter into a calculator.

What Makes Online Car Crash Settlement Calculators Unreliable?

As already mentioned, online car crash settlement calculators vary from one site to another. This is why, if you try out several different ones, you will likely get a wide range of results.

Here are some other reasons online car crash settlement calculators are not accurate or reliable:

  • The data you are asked to input for each site varies
  • Calculator algorithms are not the same, so they process your data differently
  • There are no uniform standards regulating how these calculators work
  • There is no oversight for online calculators so you must rely on the site owner for accuracy
  • Key factors that may increase the value of your claim are not considered at all

These issues and more are why seeking legal help for your claim versus getting an online estimate may greatly benefit you. Injured victims represented by an attorney often get significantly more compensation than those who are not.

How Attorneys Determine More Accurate Claim Values

An experienced attorney initially considers some of the same factors as an online car crash settlement calculator. Economic damages, for instance, such as your lost wages and medical costs, are included. Crash victims have receipts, invoices and other documents as evidence, so they are fairly easy to calculate.

However, your attorney looks for other aspects that may further increase the value of your claim. These additional elements cannot be gathered or processed by an online calculator.

To accurately determine the full value of a crash victim’s claim, a knowledgeable attorney will:

  • Fully investigate your car crash to gather evidence and analyze all your losses
  • Get input from medical experts – to calculate your prognosis and future medical needs
  • Compare your case to the outcomes of other similar court cases
  • Negotiate for full compensation that includes both your immediate and long-term requirements
  • Prepare to go to court to fight for fair and just compensation on your behalf

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