PKSD Newsletter: Lenders, Government, Big Corporations Exploiting Military Veterans

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on May 10, 2019 in Firm News
Updated on April 25, 2024

sign outside payday loan storeMembers of the U.S. Armed Forces make huge sacrifices to represent our country and help keep it safe. Some make the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives to keep our country protected.

Unfortunately, a new report says some unscrupulous people have been actively exploiting these brave men and women, counting on them being young and financially inexperienced. Large corporations, lenders and sometimes even the government take advantage of veterans.

This month’s edition of You Should Know covers the report by the American Association for Justice, titled, Fighting for Those Who Fight for Us. The report says veterans are often victims of predatory lending, poor health care and denial of health care even though they have serious injuries related to their service. Anyone who has served our country or has family members who have served should review how veterans are often exploited.

Predatory Lending

Even though their jobs are very different from ours, veterans have some of the same financial challenges you do, including managing debt and budgeting. Unfortunately, veterans have unique challenges caused by deployments, changes of station and being separated from their families for long periods of time.

These challenges have contributed to veterans taking payday loans. Companies that offer these loans often set up offices near military bases and even use government logos, so they look legitimate.

Even though Congress passed a law in 2007 preventing lenders from charging extremely high rates, lenders continue to ignore or find ways to get around the law.

Lack of Compensation for Poor Health Care

Thanks to a Supreme Court ruling from 1950, veterans who were not combatants are prohibited from collecting damages from the government if they are injured or killed by the negligence of others. This prevents victims from recovering compensation for their injuries.

Veterans are also struggling to obtain health care, even though they have serious health conditions. For example, servicemembers who worked near open-air burn pits to dispose of waste have suffered illnesses like cancer and blood disorders. The problem is the Department of Veterans Affairs has been denying there is evidence of a link between these pits and health issues.

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