Governor’s New Jobs Bill Hides Attack On Your Rights

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on January 11, 2011 in Nursing Home Abuse
Updated on April 24, 2024

Gov. Walkers Jobs bill gives government handouts to corporations. The so-called Jobs bill chooses corporate profit over people and gives away special favors to special interests. The bill protects nursing homes, manufacturers and health care providers from being held accountable for seriously injuring or killing Wisconsin taxpayers. Frail and vulnerable seniors, the disabled and Wisconsin taxpayers need special protection from corporations. Corporations dont need to be given special protection from abused and neglected seniors, the disabled and taxpayers.

You know that PKSD has been helping residents and families who have been seriously injured and killed by nursing home neglect and abuse for a long time. Weve been speaking on behalf of residents and families in the fight against corporate neglect and abuse. You need to know what was slipped into the Jobs bill as a special favor to nursing homes, group homes, assisted living facilities, home health agencies and hospices.

I guarantee you will be shocked and opposed to the special rules proposed:

  1. A limit of $750,000 for pain, suffering, disability, grief, loss of dignity, etc. caused by a nursing homes neglect and abuse;
  2. All health care providers and nursing homes will be able to hide reports about neglect and abuse of patients and residents;
  3. Reports of abuse and neglect are kept secret and can never be obtained or used in a civil or criminal case;
  4. Statements made by employees to state investigators are kept secret and can never be used in a civil or criminal case;
  5. Health care providers are immune from criminal prosecution for causing death or bodily injury by negligent use of a dangerous weapon, explosive or fire when providing care; and
  6. No punitive damages unless the nursing home intended to injure or kill a particular resident.

Not 1 job will be created by gives these special rules and favors to nursing home corporations. This will result in nursing homes not being held responsible for causing pressure sores, hip fractures, dehydration and starvation, falls, medication errors and killing residents.

Nursing home residents didn’t ask that Wisconsin taxpayers give these special rules and special treatment to nursing homes. Wisconsin taxpayers didn’t ask government to give special favors to nursing homes. The nursing home corporations asked for this government hand out. The answer is NO!

Hearings on these bills start Tuesday. Call 800-362-9472 and/or email your legislator to tell them to VOTE NO. Please take 5 minutes of your time to help. Who will speak for the frail and vulnerable elderly and disabled?

At PKSD, our nursing home abuse lawyers feel very strongly about protecting the rights of nursing home residents. If you believe that your loved one has become a victim of abuse at the senior care facility that they are a resident of, contact an injury lawyer at our firm today by calling 414-333-3333 .

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