Bed Rail Entrapment at Nursing Homes

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on September 11, 2015 in Nursing Home Abuse
Updated on April 25, 2024

nursing home bedrailBed rail entrapment is a serious risk to nursing home residents. It occurs when a person becomes caught between the mattress, bed or headboard and the bed rail, or between the rails.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 143 deaths caused by rail entrapment were reported between January 2003 and September 2012.

While bed rails are designed to assist a person in moving in and out of the bed, safety can be compromised when they are used incorrectly.

For adults, bed rails should only be used to assist mobility, and never as a restraint or to keep a person in bed. Even when properly designed and used with compatible equipment, bed rails can be a hazard to an individual who cannot properly use them, such as those who suffer from dementia, or a physical restriction, which could cause them to become trapped by the bed rails.

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Causes of Bed Rail Entrapment

Nursing home staff do not always receive proper training to respond to bed rail incidents, putting residents in danger. Facilities do not typically provide residents with safety instructions regarding the use of their bed rails, leading to accidents caused by improper use.

Elderly nursing home residents or those with chronic illnesses are often left unattended by negligent staff; as they attempt to get out of bed unassisted, they can become entrapped. The poor condition of nursing home beds can also contribute to entrapment accidents.

Bed rail entrapment can render a nursing home resident immobile and unable to call for help. If the facility is understaffed, patients may not be found for hours when its too late.

When a resident becomes wedged between the bed and bed rail, patients may sustain fatal injuries or suffocate. Head and neck injuries are the most common serious bodily injuries associated with non-fatal entrapment.

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