Nursing Home Placed on Federal Watch List After Countless Violations

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on March 10, 2020 in Nursing Home Abuse
Updated on April 25, 2024

nursing home on federal watch listAccording to the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, a central Iowa nursing home is now on a federal watch list for a long list of violations that resulted in residents being endangered or injured.

Rowley Memorial Masonic Home in Perry is being closely monitored by state investigators after records show a troubled history of abuse and neglect.

State Records Reveal Citations

Inspectors have cited the facility for the death of a resident, hiring an unlicensed and unqualified caregiver, and inappropriate sexual behaviors for failing to protect one resident from being sexually abused by another resident.

Another report indicates that the nursing home has been having financial issues for some time. In one instance, the facility was cited for failing to have on hand enough oxygen tanks for residents. Inspectors determined the facility’s oxygen tank supplier stopped making deliveries due to non-payment of past due bills.

After countless health and safety violations, the nursing home will be inspected every six months versus once a year and placed in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Special Focus Facility Program. This program is federally mandated and designed to improve quality of care in poorly-performing caregiving facilities.

Rowley Memorial Masonic Home has recently made some changes, including hiring a new administrator and implementing several new practices to ensure that the violations cited do not reoccur.

Do You Suspect a Nursing Home Violation?

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