Report: Sex Abuse of Nursing Home Dementia Patients Went Unreported

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on April 24, 2015 in Nursing Home Abuse
Updated on April 25, 2024

wisconsin nursing home lawyersInvestigators uncover shocking allegations: claims that the sexual abuse of nursing home dementia patients went unreported in a local facility. We want to warn you, the details you are about to read are disturbing.

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Several patients at the Cashmere Convalescent Center in Cashmere are at the center of the controversy. And according to the investigation report, this isn’t an isolated case of misconduct. Several reports detail a number of nurses and staff witnessing cases of a patient in the dementia ward being sexually abused or fondled by another patient.

One of the reports details an incident where a Cashmere staff member witnessed a resident pull another dementia patient’s hands to his groin. According to the report, that nurse did nothing other than make “eye contact” to get the resident to stop.

In another incident, the same resident was seen fondling another dementia patients breasts. Due to unruly behavior, deputies with the Chelan County Sheriffs Office were called. The resident was transported to the hospital, but not for abuse, for a medication adjustment.

And in a stunning documentation, the report also says the Director of Nursing Services saw what was going on, but viewed the actions as consensual activities between dementia patients.

While the Department of Social and Human Services can suspend staff members or even shut down the facility, the agency ordered Cashmere to write proper policies for recognizing sexual conduct and consent.

In another move thats sparked outrage, the center had to pay a $6,300 fine, which is less than a rate to live in the facility for one month.

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