Abrupt Closure of Wellspring of Milwaukee Threatened Residents’ Safety, Welfare

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on May 1, 2019 in Nursing Home Abuse
Updated on April 25, 2024

wheelchair facing a windowAccording to reports from the State of Wisconsin, Wellspring of Milwaukee, a nursing and rehab center, was shut down sooner than Wellspring leaders said it would be, and this put the health, safety and general welfare of nursing residents in danger. A total of 98 residents were kicked out of the facility and 160 employees were fired.

Administrators from Wellspring filed a relocation plan with the state on Feb. 7. The plan said the facility could not close until 120 days had passed, but that is not what happened.

According to documents from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, the facility had many financial problems. The facility had missed payments to vendors and was subject to a $2.2 million garnishment.

These issues started in January after the owner told the administrator of the facility that Adult Protective Services needed to get involved. On Feb. 25, the administrator asked the owner of the facility to use the emergency plan. Just two days later, Adult Protective Services had removed everyone from the facility.

State surveyors were critical of these actions. The emergency plan was activated even though state agency staff was on site for two days and did not identify any concerns about lack of supplies, food, medication, oxygen or insufficient staffing.

Surveyors say activating the emergency plan allowed them to circumvent the closure process.

Mail addressed to the former residents of Wellspring was forwarded to Massachusetts and there is no plan for getting this mail to the residents.

Two former employees have filed civil lawsuits against the facility because they have not received paychecks or other benefits. One former employee lost her house.

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