Disturbing Abuse and Waterboarding at Oklahoma Disability Center

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on December 29, 2023 in Nursing Home Abuse
Updated on April 24, 2024

close-up of two hands handcuffed behind a prisoners backIn Enid, Oklahoma, an investigation that began last June led to the arrest of two men in November. A third suspect is still at large. This case is especially disturbing as it involves the abuse and waterboarding of patients with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. The alleged perpetrators were caregivers at the Robert M. Greer Center in Oklahoma, where these heinous acts occurred.

The Enid Police Department revealed that the abuse was reported by a former employee in June 2023, who described these acts as brutal and systematic. The perpetrators targeted and choked specific residents of the center until they were unconscious. They then beat these same residents until they regained consciousness. Other abuse included waterboarding targeted residents in the facility’s showers, while the perpetrators incited other residents to participate in the abuse.

The men in custody, Jonathan Martinez, 21, and Jhon Alan Nieto, 24, face serious felony charges of abuse by caretaker and conspiracy. The third suspect, Jonathan Colon Orozco, 28 is also wanted on charges of abuse by caretaker and conspiracy. However, he has not yet been caught and is believed to have fled the state.

Statement From the COO at the Robert M Greer Center

According to a news article reporting on this investigation, Sue Nayda, the chief operating officer at the Robert M Greer Center issued the following statement, “We are deeply disturbed by the reports of abuse and consider such behavior to be wholly inappropriate and unacceptable. In our 23-year history of managing this facility, we have never encountered a similar situation. We will fully cooperate and support local and state officials as they investigate this matter,”

The Robert M Greer Center treats adults with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.

Will Robert M Greer Center Be Allowed to Continue to Operate?

Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services called the acts heinous and halted any new admissions to the center to ensure that appropriate steps are taken for their residents’ safety. Oklahoma Senator Paul Rosino, who is chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, expressed strong condemnation of the abuse, stating, “We will not tolerate maltreatment of people. Period.”

The Department of Police say the investigation is ongoing. The Robert M Greer Center is located in Enid, Oklahoma, about 89 miles north of Oklahoma City.

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