Do You Have a Legal Claim if a Food Delivery Driver Causes a Crash?

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on October 14, 2022 in Car Accidents

food delivery drivers and crashesFood delivery has grown in popularity, and it is easy to see the benefits of these services. Yet having more delivery vehicles on the road also increases the risk of a crash. This is especially true given the stop-and-start nature of making deliveries.

What happens if a food delivery driver causes a crash and you get injured? Do you seek damages from the driver or does the food delivery company pay?

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Who Could Be Liable for a Food Delivery Crash?

Assessing liability for a crash involving a food delivery driver is often not clear-cut. Many factors affect liability in this situation, such as:

  • Employment status of the driver: Was the driver an independent contractor or an employee?
  • Fault for the crash: Did the driver cause the crash or were other parties partially to blame?
  • Vehicle ownership: Does the vehicle belong to the driver or the food service company?

These and other questions need to be answered to help determine liability. For instance, if the employer owned the delivery vehicle and the brakes failed while the driver was delivering an order. The vehicle owner could be liable in this situation if the failed brakes contributed to the crash. Vehicle owners must maintain their vehicles and keep them in safe working order.

Insurance and Food Delivery Drivers – Who Pays for the Damages?

After fault has been assessed, injured victims also need to research what insurance may cover their damages. There are, again, a lot of factors that impact who may pay for your damages. For instance:

  • What insurance the driver carries: A claim may get denied if the driver only had a personal auto policy. Personal insurance companies rarely cover accidents during business activities.
  • Whether the food delivery driver was on the clock: Insurance may only apply if the driver was on the clock at the time of the crash.
  • Insurance coverage provided by the company: Some food delivery companies provide backup coverage when the driver is underinsured. However, not every company does this.

Another critical factor in your food delivery crash claim is the company the at-fault party drives for. Each company has its own approach to handling insurance.

Which Food Delivery Company Did You Use?

For instance, Grubhub does not provide any insurance for its drivers. This means injured victims must go after the driver or his or her auto insurance policy. Hopefully, that driver has a business-use insurance policy. If not, your best option, if you carry uninsured motorist coverage, is to file a claim against your insurance policy.

Uber Eats, however, includes up to $1 million in liability insurance for each incident. It is important to mention that this coverage is only in effect from when a driver accepts a request and delivers the food. In between deliveries, Uber Eats also provides $50,000 in coverage for each driver per incident.

Why Are Food Delivery Drivers More Likely to Cause a Crash?

There are many reasons food delivery drivers are more likely to cause a crash, including:

Lack of Driver Experience

Food delivery drivers are often young. This typically means less on-the-road experience, which could increase the risk of being in a crash.

Too Many Distractions

Food delivery drivers use special apps to direct them. Even when used hands-free, smartphone apps can be distracting, especially when drivers them for directions. If drivers are looking at their phone, then they are not looking at the road.

Frequently Driving in Unfamiliar Areas

Food delivery drivers may often find themselves driving in unfamiliar areas. Combining night deliveries while also using a smartphone app increases the risk of a crash. Drivers may get confused and accidentally go through a stop sign or turn into oncoming traffic on a one-way street. Food delivery drivers may also miss seeing a pedestrian, cyclist or even another vehicle while trying to complete deliveries.

Company Pressure to Make Speedy Deliveries

Food delivery drivers know they can get more tips if they deliver faster. Employers may also have bonus incentives to get their drivers to complete more deliveries in less time. The opportunity to make more money may tempt drivers to take more risks, such as speeding or running a red light.

Constant Stopping and Starting

Since drivers need to stop and deliver frequently, they may often park illegally knowing they will not be there long. However, it can be just long enough to cause a crash.

More Hours Behind the Wheel and On the Road

Food delivery drivers may not have long distances to travel. Yet, being on the road for a long amount of time, even if you are not going too far, can cause driver fatigue. Additionally, the odds are against drivers. The more miles they put in making deliveries, the more likely they are to be involved in a crash.

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