Details of Horrific Care Conditions in Des Moines Nursing Home Emerge

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on May 30, 2023 in Nursing Home Abuse

ambulance bringing patient to ERA staff nurse employed by the Genesis Senior Living facility in Des Moines recently reported that residents there were in immediate danger. The staff nurse cited the horrific quality of care as a reason for her concern. She then went on to describe one of several incidents that occurred while she was employed there.

Female Resident Suffering From a Severely Infected Foot Wound

This nurse informed state inspectors that a female resident ended up needing multiple surgeries and an extended hospital stay following the substandard care she received for an open wound on her foot.

According to the nurse, she removed an eight-day-old dressing. She recalls that the wound had a strong smell, an odor she described as horrific and smelling of gangrene. She says that at the time she changed the dressing, the wound was already showing signs of an infection – strong smells and draining fluid. Although antibiotics were ordered, the woman’s condition continued to worsen. By that time, an LPN said she could smell the infected wound before ever entering the woman’s room.

When the woman’s daughter learned about her condition, she asked Genesis to take her mother to the hospital, which they did.

The ER doctors who treated her said the infection was at least three inches by three inches; even the exposed bone was infected. The woman ended up needing four surgeries, which included bone grafts. She ended up being hospitalized for approximately 10 weeks.

The nurse who reported this incident said she left because she could not handle the lack of care.

Details of Substandard Care At Genesis

Some of the other complaints about the care at Genesis included:

  • Multiple day-shift medications were never administered
  • Nurse aides were rude and disrespectful to residents and spent more time socializing and hiding in closets to talk on their phones.
  • One of the residents needed help to change her undergarments was cursed at by the aide and told her to change herself.
  • Residents sometimes had to wait seven days or longer for a shower

Multiple other incidents occurred, including a female resident who sustained a head laceration that resulted in seizures. She fell over a tipped-over mechanical lift in her path. This was not the first resident to be injured by a mechanical lift.

What Inspectors Found During Their Investigation

According to a news report, inspectors reviewed seven resident files at Genesis. Upon conclusion, the inspectors determined that of the cases investigated Genesis failed to provide safe mechanical lift transfers to six of those seven residents. This discovery prompted inspectors to determine the residents at Genesis had been in immediate jeopardy between January 9, when the first incident occurred, and April 26.

Genesis Has a Lengthy History of Violations and Fines

Genesis claims to provide nurturing surroundings for the residents in its care. Although no nursing home is without its problems, Genesis has a long history of violations. In fact, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has imposed fines 10 times just in the past two years. The penalties assessed range between $650 and $71, 761. CMS also awarded Genesis a one-star rating following the state inspector’s findings.

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