Child Neglect at Wisconsin Day Care Facilities

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Mar 26, 2009 in Personal Injury News

Three instances of child neglect by child care workers have been reported at Wisconsin child day care facilities within the last week.

The first instance of child neglect was reported on March 17th and involved Pamela Gatlin, a child care worker at the Alphabet Learning Center in Milwaukee.

According to police reports, Gatlin grabbed and twisted the arms of a four-month-old child last January because she was stressed out. The child suffered a broken arm.

Gatlin also told police that she pulled the arms of a 21-month-old in February who ignored her after Gatlin told the child to wash her hands. That child had a spiral fracture to the left arm. Gatlin told police she wanted to send a message and wanted to cause pain.

Across the state, a La Crosse child care worker was charged with misdemeanor child neglect that accuses her of breaking an infant's femur (thigh) when she "yanked" him out of a chair.

Dawn Kreibich, a child care worker at Ellen's Child Care & Preschool, told investigators she "might have" accidentally pulled the child from the chair while his leg was stuck in the seat.

Krebich said she did not notice any injuries, but admitted she did not tell anyone her suspicions as to why the child was crying hysterically.

A doctor diagnosed the child with a fractured right femur.

Child day care facilities are licensed and regulated by the State of Wisconsin. There are rules in place that govern the operation of such facilities, in part, to protect the children in their care. Unfortunately, despite these rules and regulations, children are injured in day care settings. Sometimes, the injuries are the result of negligence or even abuse. Often, when a child sustains an injury, the family may find it difficult to determine how and why the child was injured.

A Milwaukee personal injury attorney can provide the assistance needed to determine the best course of investigation and action in these difficult situations.

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