Dog Bites

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Steps You Need to Take After a Dog Bite

Dog bites are a serious problem across the country. Even a friendly family pet can snap, leading to serious dog bite injuries that require expensive medical care. If you are ever bitten or attacked by a dog, there are several steps you can take to help ensure your health and…

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Tips for Preventing and Avoiding Dog Bites

Most people view dogs as loyal and trusting animals, which makes it all the more devastating when one attacks and causes serious injury. You should always be cautious when you encounter a dog, regardless of if you are familiar with the animal. In order to help prevent a dog bite,…

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Dog Bite Laws & Owner Liability in Wisconsin

When a dog bites or injures a person in Wisconsin, there are specific laws that outline who is responsible for the incident. Dog Owner Liability Wisconsin’s dog bite law hold a dog owner liable for all damages his or her dog causes to a person, another domesticated animal or livestock….

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Marshfield Girl Mauled by Dog

The following is an article from the Marshfield News Herald A 5-year-old Spencer girl suffered severe injuries to her legs and arms when she was mauled Tuesday night by a dog in Marshfield. The girl was listed in fair condition at Ministry Saint Josephs Hospital in Marshfield Wednesday evening following…

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