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What Evidence is Needed to Prove Nursing Home Neglect?

Do you suspect a loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect? If so, you may wonder what you can do or whether you may have a legal case. Proving nursing home negligence is extremely challenging and almost impossible to achieve without legal help. The failed nursing home system…

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Number of Wisconsin Nursing Home Complaints Nears All-Time High

Nursing homes across the country came under fire during the pandemic, drawing attention to all that is broken in long-term care. This year, the number of complaints in Wisconsin is set to exceed those filed last year. What is the reason for these complaints and why is there such a…

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Hundreds of Iowa Nursing Home Complaints Not Investigated for Months

The Iowa Department of Investigations and Appeals (DIA) is the state’s regulatory agency responsible for nursing home facility inspections. Family members concerned that a loved one is being neglected, abused or receiving substandard care can submit a complaint to this agency. However, if the agency does not investigate a complaint…

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Nursing Home Cited for Ignoring Woman’s Acute Pain

Oakland Manor, a western Iowa nursing home with a reputation for being one of the worst facilities in the nation, may receive new penalties. The Iowa Capital Dispatch reported that state inspectors visited the Pottawattamie County facility back in May after receiving multiple complaints. During that visit, inspectors cited the…

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PKSD Newsletter: Forced Arbitration in Nursing Homes

Forced arbitration agreements are not new. However, many people who sign them may not realize what they have agreed to. Nursing home residents and their families often discover too late they have given up their right to seek justice. In the June PKSD newsletter, we discuss forced arbitration agreements commonly…

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Protecting Nursing Homes From Profiteering REITs

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has called the widespread failures of America’s nursing homes into question, including how they are financed and operated. Healthcare REITs are a business model increasingly seen in many major nursing home chains today. However, what does the federal government know about these…

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Understanding When Nursing Home COVID-19 Deaths Count

Certifying a cause of death for nursing home residents is not always straightforward. The onset of the pandemic, which resulted in more than 150,000 resident deaths nationwide, created chaos and made this process even more complicated. What or who determines whether a COVID-19 nursing home death gets added to the…

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Broken Nursing Home System Needs Full Overhaul Says Major Report

According to the findings in a major report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, America’s nursing home system needs a complete overhaul. It is no secret that U.S. nursing homes have a long history of substandard care and staffing shortages. The finances at long-term care facilities are…

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Investigating the Facts Behind Nursing Home Failures of the Pandemic

The onset of COVID-19 outbreaks that began in October 2020 led to a pandemic and over 150,000 nursing home resident deaths. However, it was the initial surge of the virus, resulting in an unprecedented number of deaths in a single wave, that inspired USA Today to take a closer look….

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Nearly All High-Touch Surfaces in LTC Test for Fecal Contamination

A study released on Thursday revealed that over 90 percent of high-touch areas in long-term care facilities are contaminated. These areas, including handrails, equipment controls and other common surfaces, showed evidence of fecal matter and other infectious disease sources. PKSD shares more about these disturbing findings and how researchers conducted…

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