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Iowa Restaurants and Stores Cited for Food Safety Violations

Last month, state and county inspectors issued citations to Iowa restaurants and grocery stores for hundreds of food safety violations. Some facilities had to close down as a result. When restaurants fail to adhere to food safety rules, it may cause customers to become seriously ill. Iowa Department of Inspections…

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Nurse Charged for Allegedly Amputating a Dying Man’s Foot

A nurse in western Wisconsin faces two felony charges in Pierce County for the physical abuse of an elderly person. Mary K. Brown is the 38-year-old defendant accused of intentionally committing great bodily harm and mayhem on an elderly man in her care. Brown is a former employee of the…

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PKSD Newsletter: Could Injured Workers Have a Third-Party Claim?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that millions of workers get injured and thousands more die every year. Of those individuals, nearly 50 percent have to take time off while they recover from a workplace injury or occupational illness. Annually, these incidents cost workers, their employers and the insurance companies…

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Recall of Two Million MamaRoo Infant Swings Due to Strangulation Risks

The manufacturer of the popular MamaRoo and RockaRoo baby products has recalled over two million of its infant swings and rockers. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns consumers that the straps of these products become a life-threatening danger when they are not in use. The unfastened straps hang…

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PKSD Newsletter: Tips for Summer Boat, Jet Ski and ATV Safety

During the summer season, millions of people across the U.S. enjoy the thrill of water vessels and over a million ATVs. Unfortunately, these summer recreational activities can sometimes cause serious accidents and severe or fatal injuries. In 2021, there were 658 boating deaths and an additional 2,641 people who suffered…

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How Skipping Medical Appointments Can Hurt an Injury Claim

Injured by someone else’s negligence and need to seek compensation? Learn how missing medical appointments could hurt your injury claim. At PKSD, you can meet with one of our qualified attorneys to discuss the unique details of your situation. This meeting is completely free, with no obligation to hire our…

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Why Victims Should Avoid Social Media During an Injury Claim

Posting on Facebook, TikTok and other social media platforms provides many creative ways to update friends and family. However, there are times when social media could come back to bite you in a very unpleasant way. One prime example is when you are pursuing an injury claim after a car…

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PKSD Newsletter: 12 Companies Risking Workers Due to Unsafe Practices

Workers trust that the companies employing them take proper measures to ensure safety in the workplace. After all, under federal law, a safe work environment is a legal right of every employee. So why have some of the biggest companies been placed on a national list for unsafe work practices?…

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PKSD Newsletter: When Insurance Companies Put Profits Over People

No one enjoys filing an insurance claim, especially since it always coincides with an accident, disaster or illness. When you combine an upsetting event with confusing forms, tiny print exclusions and multiple deadlines, it can be overwhelming. Even after filing a claim, policyholders may find that getting the funds they…

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What Effect Could Surgery Have on the Value of My Claim?

How does surgery effect the outcome of a personal injury claim? Does it always add value for the victim? The answer may surprise you. Logically, an injured victim should never have to pay for damages caused by another person’s negligence. The full value of a victim’s claim should include all…

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