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PKSD Newsletter: 12 Companies Risking Workers Due to Unsafe Practices

Workers trust that the companies employing them take proper measures to ensure safety in the workplace. After all, under federal law, a safe work environment is a legal right of every employee. So why have some of the biggest companies been placed on a national list for unsafe work practices?…

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PKSD Newsletter: When Insurance Companies Put Profits Over People

No one enjoys filing an insurance claim, especially since it always coincides with an accident, disaster or illness. When you combine an upsetting event with confusing forms, tiny print exclusions and multiple deadlines, it can be overwhelming. Even after filing a claim, policyholders may find that getting the funds they…

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What Effect Could Surgery Have on the Value of My Claim?

How does surgery effect the outcome of a personal injury claim? Does it always add value for the victim? The answer may surprise you. Logically, an injured victim should never have to pay for damages caused by another person’s negligence. The full value of a victim’s claim should include all…

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PKSD Newsletter: Negligent Security Puts You at Risk of Injury or Death

There have been several serious and fatal injuries at some highly publicized events in the U.S. this past year. After these incidents, survivors and family members want to know what happened and if negligence was involved. Learn when these incidents may be due to negligent security and when property owners…

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Attorney-Client Privilege – What it is and How You Benefit

Attorney-client privilege is one of those legal terms people talk about a lot. Yet few injury victims are fully aware of the benefits of attorney-client privilege. When victims seek compensation for damages through a personal injury claim, this protection matters. Clients want to be sure what they tell an attorney…

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Challenges of Catastrophic Crash Injury Claims

Many traffic accident injuries may heal over several weeks or months. However, more severe injuries may take longer and need more medical treatments. Severe or catastrophic damages are likely to have a huge impact on a victim’s life. If you were severely harmed by another’s negligence, you may also be…

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PKSD Newsletter: Toy Safety This Holiday Season

Even before the pandemic, many people did their holiday shopping online. Not only is it convenient, but it sure beats sitting in traffic or standing in long lines at checkout. Unfortunately, there are some hidden dangers consumers need to know about, especially when buying toys for children. Learn more about…

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Why Insurance Companies Request Medical Records in Injury Claims

When seeking compensation for injuries caused by a negligent person, you may be asked by the insurance company to grant access to your medical records. If so, you may be wondering if you have to agree to this release. Is it common for insurance companies to request medical records in…

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What You Need to Know About Discovery in a Personal Injury Claim

If you are pursuing a personal injury claim for the first time, it can be helpful to understand more about how the legal process works. There are many phases to a civil lawsuit, and the discovery phase is just one part of it. Discovery is important because it can have…

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PKSD Newsletter: Child Safety at Halloween and Beyond

Halloween has always been a fun time of year for children who cannot wait for an excuse to put on a costume. Whether driving your trick-or-treaters around or staying closer to home, we have some useful guidelines to help keep your children from harm on Halloween and throughout the year….

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