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Challenges of Catastrophic Crash Injury Claims

Many traffic accident injuries may heal over several weeks or months. However, more severe injuries may take longer and need more medical treatments. Severe or catastrophic damages are likely to have a huge impact on a victim’s life. If you were severely harmed by another’s negligence, you may also be…

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PKSD Newsletter: Toy Safety This Holiday Season

Even before the pandemic, many people did their holiday shopping online. Not only is it convenient, but it sure beats sitting in traffic or standing in long lines at checkout. Unfortunately, there are some hidden dangers consumers need to know about, especially when buying toys for children. Learn more about…

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Why Insurance Companies Request Medical Records in Injury Claims

When seeking compensation for injuries caused by a negligent person, you may be asked by the insurance company to grant access to your medical records. If so, you may be wondering if you have to agree to this release. Is it common for insurance companies to request medical records in…

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What You Need to Know About Discovery in a Personal Injury Claim

If you are pursuing a personal injury claim for the first time, it can be helpful to understand more about how the legal process works. There are many phases to a civil lawsuit, and the discovery phase is just one part of it. Discovery is important because it can have…

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PKSD Newsletter: Child Safety at Halloween and Beyond

Halloween has always been a fun time of year for children who cannot wait for an excuse to put on a costume. Whether driving your trick-or-treaters around or staying closer to home, we have some useful guidelines to help keep your children from harm on Halloween and throughout the year….

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PKSD Newsletter: What Tort Reform is Doing to Our Constitutional Liberties

Millions of dollars are currently being poured into new tort reform laws across the country. The financing for these proposed legal changes is being provided by wealthy industry giants. If they succeed, how do these proposed changes affect the American public? Do you know what tort reform is doing to…

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Do Wisconsin Personal Injury Claims Include Future Medical Expenses?

People who get injured in an accident may often face a long recovery and a lot of medical care. Those with more severe injuries may also need additional surgery, physical therapy and other care, for months or even years into the future. When seeking compensation in an injury claim, past…

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What Can You Do if You Are Unhappy With Your Injury Attorney

Accident victims trust personal injury attorneys to protect their interests and seek the compensation they need. However, what happens if you are unhappy with your attorney and think he or she has hurt your case? If you have been injured by another’s negligence, it is only natural that you will…

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PKSD Newsletter: What the Pandemic Has Revealed About Failures in Workplace Safety

America, now 16 months into the pandemic, has topped 600,000 deaths due to the novel coronavirus. The ongoing stress of dealing with this infectious and deadly virus has created a mental health nightmare across the country. The journey has been especially dangerous for those who must still leave home to go…

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PKSD Newsletter: Safety Tips While Showing Off Your Grill Skills

Across the country, backyard grills will be busy cooking up celebrations for all kinds of summer fun – from holiday and birthday parties to pool parties, barbecues and more. Before you light up your grill this year, however, we encourage you to read this month’s edition of the PKSD Newsletter for safety…

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