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Did You Know Arbitrators Are Usually Men and Are Overwhelmingly White?

Not only are minorities and women more likely than white men to be forced into arbitration; arbitrators working on these cases are mostly male and overwhelmingly white. This is according to research gathered by the American Association for Justice. Consider… Read More

Iowa Judicial Branch Warns of a Collection Notice Scam

The Iowa Judicial Branch issued a warning in response to recent phone calls they have received about threatening collection notices.   On December 14, 2020, clerks from the Iowa Judicial Branch stated that these collection notices, which claim to be… Read More

Remembering Ezekiel Gillespie, Pioneer for African American Voting Rights

Juneteenth is a day to celebrate the end of slavery and freedom for African Americans. It is also an opportunity to look back at civil rights pioneers like Ezekiel Gillespie, who secured voting rights for African Americans in Wisconsin and helped found… Read More

UnitedHealthcare Can Sue Over Medicare Advantage Overpayment Rule

A U.S. District of Columbia Court ruled that UnitedHealthcare can sue the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) over a 2014 ruling that made Medicare Advantage overpayments a violation of the False Claims Act. CMS Medicare Fraud Ruling A… Read More

Wells Fargo Uses Arbitration to Suppress False Bank Accounts Lawsuits

Controversy has surrounded Wells Fargo since it was revealed earlier this year that its employees created more than two million fake banking and credit card accounts with customers’ private information in an attempt to meet intense sales quotas. In response… Read More

Arbitration Agreements Could Shield Sheen from Lawsuits

As news broke that Charlie Sheen was HIV positive, it was also revealed that he had paid millions to settle claims filed by those who threatened to reveal his status. However, news reports also revealed that visitors to Sheens home were required to sign… Read More

Target Data Breach Settlement

According to court documents filed in U.S. District Court, Target has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over its massive 2013 data breach. Targets data breach in 2013 exposed details of as many as 40 million credit and debit… Read More

Bank Foreclosure Settlement - Too Little, Too Late?

The housing bubble continues to percolate. For years banks engaged in loan and mortgage practices that took advantage of consumers. Now it looks like the tables are starting to turn and relief for some eligible borrowers is on the way. However, some homeowners… Read More

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