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Guardianship Sought by Nursing Homes Looking to Collect on Debts

A disturbing trend has come to light in the nursing home industry, and that is facilities seeking guardianship of incapacitated residents in order to secure payments for outstanding debts. The reason is simple: Once guardianship...Read More

Teen Drivers and Older Cars: A Deadly Combination

Teen drivers and older cars are a deadly mix. Not only are car crashes the leading cause of death among teens, but a study also found that half of teen crash deaths happened in older vehicles. According to a study by the Insurance...Read More

How Contingency Fees Help You Beat Your Insurance Company

Do you know what levels the playing field against an insurance company when you have an accident claim? The contingency fee. The contingency fee is the favored payment structure among many personal injury lawyers for a few...Read More

The Big Move: How to Transition Your Relative into a Nursing Home

Broaching the subject of moving your aging loved one into a nursing home can be touchy for everyone involved. You want the best care for them and they want to maintain their independence, but you may not have the financial or...Read More

Employees at Two Alabama Nursing Homes Charged with Abuse, Theft

Two employees at separate Bessemer, Ala. nursing homes are facing charges for crimes against the elderly residents they were hired to care for: one for abuse and the other for theft. According to Attorney General Luther Strange,...Read More

Nurse Charged with Punching 93-Year-Old Patient in the Face

The former employee of a Tuscaloosa, Ala. nursing home has been charged with punching a 93-year-old patient in the face in October 2014. Forty-seven-year-old Anita Brenett Watford was arrested last week and subsequently indicted...Read More

Judge Maggio Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribe in Nursing Home Lawsuit

Former Circuit Judge Mike Maggio pleaded guilty to accepting a bribe in exchange for reducing a verdict against a nursing home found liable for the 2008 death of a resident. According to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s...Read More

Steps in a Car Accident Lawsuit

You’re hit by a car while driving your child to school because another driver fell asleep at the wheel. Luckily, your child was not harmed but your neck and back are stiff. As the days and weeks pass, you are dealing with...Read More

Wisconsin Traffic Fatalities Reduced in 2014, Data Shows

The numbers are in for the state of Wisconsin, and it appears that the number of traffic accident fatalities in 2014 were less than those in previous years. Unfortunately for residents of Dodge County, however, the number of...Read More

Wisconsin Lawmaker Proposing New Medical Malpractice Legislation to Help Families of Adult Children Recover for Wrongful Death

“All Wisconsin citizens should have the same rights to recover for the wrongful death of a loved one,” says attorney Jeffrey Pitman. “No group should be exempt from being held accountable for a person's wrongful...Read More

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