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Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

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Bill Would Eliminate Federal Nursing Home Bonus Payments

Source:  Des Moines Register (3 April 2009) Congress is considering legislation that would eliminate taxpayer-funded bonuses to nursing homes. The legislation is an amendment to the budget bill that has been debated by Congress. The amendment was accepted by unanimous consent of the Senate on Thursday, but the bill itself…

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Wisconsin Asked to Take Part in Medicare Pay Incentive Test

Medicare will launch a demonstration to determine if cash incentives will improve the quality of care in nursing homes. Nursing homes in Arizona, Mississippi, New York and Wisconsin will be asked to take part. Facilities joining the Nursing Home Value-Based Purchasing demonstration will be awarded points for performance on quality…

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Scamming the Elderly

The Wisconsin State Journal recently published an article unveiling a scam designed to target the elderly at this time of year. Apparently, scam artists are using Spring Break as a means to Scam-a-Grandma. Scam artists pose as grandchildren in need of emergency help a.k.a. money. They call up the elderly…

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Improving Nursing Home Care

An article written by Geriatric experts at the University of Rochester Medical Center addresses concerns in the quality of long-term care currently being provided. The article, entitled Nursing Home Physician Specialists: A Response to the Workforce Crisis in Long-Term Care, calls for a new kind of specialty to meet the needs of…

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Broken Bones in Elderly Women

A University of Washington-Seattle study published in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery found that elderly women who suffer a broken upper arm are five times more likely than normal to break a hip within a year after the arm fracture. There is evidence to support that both fractures…

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Chemical Restraints Used in California Nursing Home

Nursing home residents at Lake Isabella nursing home in Bakersfield, California, are being over-prescribed drugs that may have life-threatening side effects for the elderly. The anti-psychotic drugs Zyprexa, Risperdal, and Seroquel were being given to nursing home residents with behavioral issues. These drugs carry the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) strongest black-box warning…

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Research Tries to Prevent Elderly Falls

A University of Illinois-Chicago study found that repeatedly exposing people to situations where the footing is unstable helped train them to maintain their balance on slippery floors and avoid falls. The research improves understanding of how the brain develops fall prevention strategies that can be used in a variety of situations….

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Technology May Help Baby Boomers

As the baby boomer generation grows older, technology companies are stepping up their efforts to help aging Americans spend more time living independently rather than in nursing homes. The International Consumer Electronics Show in Law Vegas featured an entire section dedicated to high-tech senior living with motion sensors as the main attraction….

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Defrauding the Elderly

Fraud and bunco schemes cost individuals thousands of dollars. A bunco scheme is a scam in which an unsuspecting person is cheated out of something, usually money. Often, the victim is not certain a crime has been committed, or is too embarrassed to take action. Con men and women often seek…

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Pressure Sore Prevention

As we age, our skin becomes thin and dry and less elastic. This is one reason that the elderly are at-risk for pressure sores. Health experts say many pressure sores dont have to occur. In fact, caregivers say bedsores are easier to prevent than to treat. When an elderly nursing home resident gets…

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